1. General

a. E “Curly” Seal is licensed and regulated by Racing South Australia to accept wagers by the Internet on a global basis, 24 hours a day.

b. By opening a E “Curly” Seal betting account or placing a bet with E “Curly” Seal on-line you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below (the 'Rules') so please read the following carefully. Additionally, by opening an account, you are deemed to have read and accepted E “Curly” Seal’s Privacy Policy.

c. To open a wagering account with E “Curly” Seal ('account') you must be aged 18 years or older. A 'Client' is a person who holds an account, and any reference to 'you' or 'your' in these rules is a reference to a Client.

d. You agree that the service offered by E “Curly” Seal is the ability to place a bet with possibilities of a win or a loss.

e. Any rule is subject to change without notice and it is the responsibility of the person seeking to rely on the Rules to ensure they are making reference to the most recent Rules by visiting our website at https://sealbet .com.auor by contacting us on 0870700973,.

2. Client Responsibility

a. Clients are responsible for ensuring that their records, in particular address, telephone number and payment/bank details (including any credit card expiration details), are kept up-to-date and to notify us immediately of any incorrect account details. In the event that a Client has not kept their records up to date, E “Curly” Seal reserves the right to suspend the account.

b. The Client agrees that by registering with E “Curly” Seal, that their contact details, including their email address, mobile number and mailing address, may be used by E “Curly” Seal to keep them informed about products, promotions, services and events. E “Curly” Seal does not sell personal information to other companies.

c. There are limited circumstances in which external organisations may be given access to your personal information. One circumstance is where an Australian governing sporting body requests information of a Client and that information will only be provided to assist in a legitimate inquiry conducted by the Australian governing sporting body to maintain the integrity of the sport.

d. It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that they keep their User ID and password confidential. If a Client suspects that their details may no longer be confidential, they should notify E “Curly” Seal immediately. Providing identity can be confirmed, passwords can be changed via a telephone conversation with one of our staff. Upon notification of the new details, E “Curly” Seal reserves the right to invalidate any future transactions which utilise the previous details.

e. Clients will be responsible for all wagers in which their User ID and password are used for any activity on their E “Curly” Seal account, unless they have notified E “Curly” Seal in accordance with Rule 2-(d) above. Any wager made via the internet where the User ID and password have been used will be regarded by E “Curly” Seal as being valid and may not be changed, cancelled or modified unless the Client informs E “Curly” Seal as soon as practicable after the wager was placed (but before the event has commenced) that the wager was made in error and the initial wager shall only be voided and replaced with another wager at the sole discretion of E “Curly” Seal management.

f. Where a client opens an account with E “Curly” Seal, the Client must comply with points set out in section 3 to our satisfaction to fully activate your account and withdraw funds.

3. Client Identification Requirements

a. E “Curly” Seal clients must provide us with adequate identification in line with all Australian Financial Institutions under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Commonwealth) and the Australian Rules of Racing. The identification must have proof of name, age and current residential address.

b. There are many forms of documentation that can meet these requirements.

c. For example:

• A current Australian driver's license


• A current Australian passport


• A utility bill (not a mobile phone bill) no more than three months old, with your name (as registered with this account) and address clearly stated on the bill.

This information can be scanned and emailed to sealbet.com.au.

d. Adequate Identification must be received prior to the first withdrawal from the account, and if not received before, E “Curly” Seal require the identification within 30 days of the Client opening an account. If the Client's identification has not been received at this stage the account will be suspended, no betting can take place and the Client will not be able to withdraw funds from their account until verification has been completed. Please note that all bets placed prior to the account being suspended will stand.

4. Deposits and Withdrawals

a. Clients may deposit into their account via Credit/Debit Card, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), cash or cheque. E “Curly” Seal reserves the right to remove or restrict payment methods for Clients who reside outside of Australia.

b. E “Curly” Seal requires that any deposit into a Client's account be turned over at least once prior to authorising a withdrawal from the Client's account.

c. E “Curly” Seal does not charge Clients fees for Credit/Debit card transactions, however the card holder may be charged a fee by their own banking institution upon depositing funds with E “Curly” Seal which is your responsibility to pay.

d. Clients must have completed the identification process as explained in section 3, prior to any withdrawal being processed.

5. Fraud

a. E “Curly” Seal reserves the right to withhold deposited funds and/or winnings from resulted bets when we believe a Credit Card has been misused or used fraudulently. Any matters of inappropriate or fraudulent use of any Credit Card will be reported to the relevant authority. The Client's account may also be permanently closed.

b. E “Curly” Seal reserves the right to close the accounts of, and void any or all bets made, by any person, group, or corporation in an attempt to defraud E “Curly” Seal.

6. E “Curly” Seal's Reserved Rights

a. E “Curly” Seal does not allow persons under the age of 18 years to hold an account. If your children have access to the computer you use to log into the E “Curly” Seal website, we recommend the installation of a child protection software package. (Eg Net Nanny)

b. If any price offered on our website- app is clearly an operator error (eg. match posted with wrong favourite), we reserve the right to cancel bets placed at this price. E “Curly” Seal will attempt to notify Clients of such cancellation by email and or telephone prior to the commencement of the event, where possible.

c. E “Curly” Seal has made considerable efforts to ensure its sports betting business operates in a fair, prompt and accurate manner. Save to the extent permitted by law (and only to such an extent), E “Curly” Seal excludes all warranties (express or implied) relating to its sports betting business and shall not have any liability for direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage, expense or injury suffered by any Client.

d. Subject to rule 7(c), E “Curly” Seal 's liability in respect of any claim or loss shall be limited in amount to the relevant wager placed by a client.

e. E “Curly” Seal reserves the right to void any or all wagers made by any individual or group of people acting together either in an attempt to defraud E “Curly” Seal or to gain financial benefit through the manipulation of Tote-based dividends or official starting prices. This can include persons, relatives, organisations, bookmakers and their employees.

f. All wagers with E “Curly” Seal are deemed to be received in South Australia These Rules shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of the State of South Australia and each Client irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the South Australian Courts in respect of any dispute or matter arising from these Rules.

g. If a client receives a free or Bonus Bet, both the deposit and bonus must be wagered prior to withdrawing the bonus. E “Curly” Seal reserves the right to remove the bonus and refund the remaining balance should a client be in breach of these conditions. Rules vary depending on the promotion and any variance will be displayed on the promotion.

7. Placement and Acceptance of Bets

a. Initially:

• only bets on racing will be available

• only a limited number of bet-types will be offered

Where reference is made to markets or bet-types not currently offered these references will apply (subject to change) will apply when those markets and bet-types are offered by the website-app.

b. No cash betting is permitted.

c. No phone betting is permitted.

d. No credit betting is permitted.

e. All bets on an account are deemed to be received in the State of South Australia, regardless of where the client is situated at the time of the bet.

f. E “Curly” Seal reserves the right at any time to refuse any bet or part of a bet without providing a reason or advance notification subject to the Australian Rules of Racing and Racing South Australia policies. The circumstances in which we may refuse a Client's bet include but are not limited to:

• a Client is or may be less than 18 years of age;

• a Client is or may be betting on behalf of a person who is less than 18 years of age;

• a Client is or may be in breach of these Rules;

• a Client is or may be in breach of any applicable law.

g. When a Client is making a bet on their account via the Internet, it is accepted once the Client submits the bet and a confirmation is received by the client. This will be accompanied by a ticket number.

h. E “Curly” Seal shall make a voice recording of all telephone calls with Clients when Clients are discussing a bet made through the internet, making a complaint or making a query regarding their account. The Client agrees to such recordings being made. Where a dispute occurs which cannot be resolved between the Client and E “Curly” Seal, the Client agrees that the recording(s) and/or any records of a Client's transactions via the Internet may be made available to the adjudicator of the dispute to enable the dispute to be determined in accordance with these Rules. All records of voice recordings will be securely retained by us in accordance with our privacy obligations for regulatory purposes.

i. Clients are unable to change or cancel a bet once the bet has been accepted by E “Curly” Seal unless the Client informs E “Curly” Seal as soon as practicable after the wager was placed (but before the event has commenced) that the wager was made in error and the initial wager shall only be voided and replaced with another wager at the sole discretion of E “Curly” Seal management.

j. All dates and times published by E “Curly” Seal are indicative only. Wagers will be accepted up to the advertised start time of the event or a time as decided by E “Curly” Seal.

k. The minimum bet on the Internet on an account is $5.

l. 'In the run' or 'live' betting (hereafter, together “live betting”) in these Rules refers to a continuous form of betting whereby the person placing the bet is able to place bets after an event has begun (e.g. betting on the outcome of an AFL football match at half time). In compliance with the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (Commonwealth), we do not accept live betting over the Internet.

m. In any sporting event where there is a flat line (eg 7.0), and the result falls on that flat number, all wagers are void and refunded. Affected multiple wagers (parlays) will be recalculated excluding that leg.

n. In any multi-bet or parlay,if a leg is voided for whatever reason,then the multi bet is re-calculated minus that leg. eg.If a Tennis player were to pull out of a game which was included in a four-leg multi, the multi is revised to a three-leg treble.

o. Without prior agreement, the maximum payout by E “Curly” Seal to any one account holder (or group deemed by E “Curly” Seal to be acting on behalf of any account holder) on any one race or Sporting Event, shall be limited to:

• $10,000 AUD for Sporting Events

• $10,000 AUD for Metropolitan Gallops meetings

• $5,000 AUD for Non-Metropolitan Gallops meeting

• $3,000 AUD for Greyhound, Harness or International Racing meetings.

These limits may be applied at the sole discretion of E “Curly” Seal.

p. E “Curly” Seal is bound under Racing South Australia Minimum Bet Limits Legislation to offer fixed odds to all clients on South Australia thoroughbred racing to the following liability limits:

Metropolitan South Australia Thoroughbred races: $2,000 (*place component $800)

Non-metropolitan South Australia Thoroughbred races: $1,000 (*place component $400)

8. Responsible Gambling

a. E “Curly” Seal makes every reasonable effort to prevent self-excluded customers from returning and using our service. If you wish to self-exclude yourself, send a SIGNED email through the [email protected] or [email protected] and your account will be suspended indefinitely or use the self-exclusion.

b. If you are a self-excluded customer, you must not attempt to open an account or place any bets with us. However, if you open a duplicate account whilst you are self-excluded you are fully liable for your actions and for all activity and bets placed on your account.

c. E “Curly” Seal does not market or promote to individuals younger than 18 years old, and we do not market to individuals for whom gambling has become a problem.

9. Racing (Thoroughbred/Harness/Greyhounds)

a. Where there are eight (8) or more runners in a race, a place dividend shall be paid on first, second and third places.

b. Where there are seven (7), six (6) or five (5) runners in a race, a place dividend shall be paid on first and second places only. When a Client has bet on a Tote based product, Place wagers will pay down to however many placing's the major Australian TAB's determine as appropriate for that bet type. Major Australian TAB's shall be defined as the Victorian TAB (STAB), the NSW TAB, the Queensland TAB (Tattsbet).

c. Where there are less than five (5) runners in a race, all wagers shall be 'Win Only'. If late scratchings force this down, all non-tote place bets will be refunded if there is no possibility for a collect.

d. If a runner is scratched, all bets placed after the declaration of the final field, will be refunded on that runner (providing the bet wasn't placed on an 'All-In' basis). All other runners will be subject to a deduction, applicable to the face value of winning bets where the bet was placed at a fixed price either Win, Each Way, or Place Only.

e. E “Curly” Seal Racing Products initially offers Fixed Win & Place odds with additional bet-types to become available over time.

f. E “Curly” Seal may cancel wagers where the Client or the client’s associates have manipulated the pool, subject to adjudication by the relevant state totalisator operator(s) or SEALBET.

g. E “Curly” Seal may place a limit on the payout (final odds) where there is reasonable suspicion of pool manipulation having occurred (e.g. Payout no greater than 100% higher than the next best Australian tote), subject to adjudication by the relevant totalisator operator(s) or SEALBET.

h. If a tote pool goes down either on-line or via telephone and the pools are distorted then E “Curly” Seal reserves the right to omit these dividends when paying out. ie If the NSW Tote pool is down, the best of QLD and VIC will be paid for Best Tote Products.

i. In the event that one of the Major Australian TAB's for promotional reasons or otherwise, returns elevated dividends due to them foregoing their normal take out margin, E “Curly” Seal reserves the right to declare its Best Tote dividends at the higher of the other Australian Totes.

j. If a meeting is abandoned or postponed to another date, single bets are void and wagers will be refunded. Affected Multi Bets will be recalculated excluding that leg.

k. Where a race meeting is transferred from one racecourse to another, all betting rules and limits will apply as if the meeting was not transferred.

l. Regardless of whether a ' Futures event (All in betting) ' has been abandoned, postponed or transferred from the original date, all bets stand until the completion of the event.

m. E “Curly” Seal reserves the right to cancel any bet where E “Curly” Seal considers the bet is unfairly advantaged in regard to starting times of events.

n. Dead Heat Rule - In the event of a Dead Heat or Draw, where such an option was not offered for betting purposes, the ticket will be paid out at face value divided by the number of Dead Heating winners of the event. If the bet was placed at the tote product, it will pay on the re-calculated Tote dividends.

o. E “Curly” Seal bets are intended for bona fide clients, that is, those clients who act at all times in good faith, sincerely, without fraud and who place wagers with E “Curly” Seal for the purpose of recreation and entertainment.

p. At the discretion of E “Curly” Seal management, Tote pools of under $5000 may be disregarded in the calculation of Best Tote and Middle Tote dividends.

q. E “Curly” Seal reserves the right to restrict the maximum dividend paid out for Win and Place bets to:

• $101 for Thoroughbred Races

• $51 for Harness and Greyhound Races

r. E “Curly” Seal will cap the place dividend for all racing (thoroughbred, harness and greyhounds) to not exceed the win dividend for any selection.

s. E “Curly” Seal reserves the right to refuse the whole or part of any wager.